Make $100 just for eating ramen at Xing Xing

Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience with eating the spicy level 7 ramen at Xing Xing. It was a painful experience and one I’m not sure I’d do again. When I released the blog, many people came forward with their experiences about completing level 7.

Well, Xing Xing has a challenge for you. Can you complete their unique 14th level ramen? I’m no math whiz but that would equate to twice the heat of level 7. I can’t imagine the toilet paper shortages that would take place after that!

The restaurant at 1920 E. Pawnee posted on their Facebook page they have a new food challenge and ready to dish out $100 to those who can complete it.

If you can complete their newest spicy ramen in under 15 minutes, you can earn $100. While I love food challenges, this is one I may have to sit out on. But who knows, I may have to sponsor someone to take on the challenge and record the experience. Would anybody be up for it?

For more on the challenge or to sign up, check out Xing Xing on Facebook.

Happy Dining,

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