New owner looking to revive the original Town & Country on West Kellogg

Town & Country

This one could get a little confusing but for starters, Town & Country Restaurant is going to reopen at their original 4702 W. Kellogg location.

Earlier this year, a new owner took over Town & Country after Larry Conover passed away. Conover was the owner of T&C and his father founded the restaurant over 60 years ago. And with his passing, someone else stepped in to take over the restaurant.

Not long after Conover’s passing, the new owner decided to move the restaurant to 10510 W Southwest Blvd and call it Town & Country Classic as an homage to the original. The restaurant still operates there as of now.

Then boom a couple of weeks ago, a new Facebook page popped up calling themselves Town and country Wichita. They made a post at the beginning of September looking for cooks and servers.

I reached out to them and it looks like a new owner is looking to revive the original Town & Country at the original location. The person I spoke with said they were family friends of the Conovers. Another post claimed they would be open in 3-4 weeks time.

So in a couple months, there could very well be a Town & Country and a Town & Country Classic. That’s not going to confuse ANYONE!

This one should get very interesting. I’ll follow this back up with more. Until then, check out Town & Country’s Facebook page to follow their status.

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2 thoughts on “New owner looking to revive the original Town & Country on West Kellogg”

  1. Explain this please. If you talk to the people at Town and Country Classic, they say that they tried to purchase the original T&C building, but they wouldn’t sell to them. (???)

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