McDonald's McRib

I’m going to catch a lot of flack for this but love is love. My one fast food guilty pleasure, the McRib, will be returning December 2. Usually, the popular limited-time sandwich arrives in October but like all things in 2020, postponements have been no surprise.

The pork sandwich which garners so much love and hate made its debut in 1982. The limited-time factor garners a lot of attention especially during the holiday season when it appears.

Last year, the McRib was $3.39 for the sandwich while the extra value meal was $5.69. I’m hoping they bring back the $1 option for an extra McRib with the purchase of one.

Be on the lookout in early November, though. Often times, different McDonald’s locations will make the sandwich available well before the official release date.

McDonald's McRib

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