Let’s Review In-N-Out Burger!

Let’s review In-N-Out Burger!

Our #SaturChains review takes another visit outside our usual Wichita coverage to Las Vegas where I stopped by the popular In-N-Out Burger. The regional fast food restaurant chain was founded in Baldwin Park, California back in 1948. The restaurant is primarily in California and the southwest part of the country. There are close to 350 locations with the closest one being in Texas.

For this particular review, I stopped by the In-N-Out location right off of the strip in Las Vegas.

When it comes to cult followings, In-N-Out Burger is right up there with one of the biggest. The place was packed on my visit with a line stretching nearly out the door. This wasn’t my first experience with In-N-Out Burger but it was certainly one I rarely get my hands on due to how far away they are.

On this review, I went with a simple burger and fries meal. I know people suggest getting it ‘animal style’. I’m always of the opinion that if a restaurant can put out a good regular burger then they can do anything.

In-N-Out did a great job of getting people through the line. It was a well-oiled machine with many employees working hard to meet the demand of every customer. Even with the huge line, it didn’t take me long to get my food.

The best part about my burger was “the spread” which was a Thousand Island dressing variant. Otherwise, I found the rest of my meal to be underwhelming and bland.

The burger patty itself was very dry. Just take a look. I wasn’t concerned with how thin it was as I could have ordered a double but “the spread” and tomatoes looked like a way to disguise just how dry and bland the actual burger was.

There are some pretty boring fries in the national fast food space. Burger King is one of those places that fits the mold and In-N-Out Burgers wasn’t far off.

In talking about popular restaurants of any sort, people often say, “I don’t get the hype”. For me, I don’t try to understand the hype as everybody has different taste buds, preferences and definitions of what they consider good. There’s no point in trying to make sense out of it all.

Personally, In-N-Out Burger doesn’t crack any sort of lists for me whether its best burgers, best national chain, best anything. I’m sure it’ll draw some ire but that’s what I’m sticking with.

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Review In-N-Out Burger!”

  1. I couldn’t disagree with you more Eddy. I frequent IN-N-Out’s in Central California and also Southern California for weekend getaways or vacation. I normally orders double-single animal style, fries and a Coke . I’ve never had a bad meal. The meat is always fresh and moist. Delious fries. I love it because everything is always fresh. The place is always clean and the staff is always friendly and guess what Eddy they never get your order wrong like the other guy’s do. Add some salt or thousand Island dressing to your fries that should make you happy!

  2. If you’re gonna experience In & Out, you’ve gotta know the secret menu; with Animal style fries being quite popular, you’ve gotta try the burger animal style! And yes I agree their food can be overwhelming and bland. Did you know they have a hot cocoa machine at every location?

  3. I have had many trips to in-n-out. In recent years I feel the food has indeed become “bland”. The beef seems less flavorful and a bit saltier.

    Even their chocolate shakes seem to have less flavor. Considering their 72 year history it’s disappointing that the quality has been allowed to slip.

  4. In general, the populace thrives on mediocrity and this is what in n out delivers. I hope to one day produce something as vanilla and make my fortune.

  5. I was at that same In-N-Out burger in Vegas on October 3rd in the afternoon. I got a double with cheese and my burger was perfect. Did you you also go to the White Castle nearby in casino Royale? I love both and wished they were in Wichita.

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