Ray’s Food Express Review

One of the newer food trucks to hit Wichita is Ray’s Food Express. They arrived on scene earlier this year and typically can be found up north near Park City off of 61st Street.

1536 E 61st St N
Wichita, KS 67219

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 8pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

They are a food truck that serves many classics like catfish, BBQ dinner, chicken wings, tenders, nuggets, hot links and hot dogs. You name it and they seem to have it.

Since it was a truck I’ve never been to, I wanted to make a quick stop. What’s nice is you can place you order over the phone to save some time because some dishes can take a while. For instance, catfish was a 20 minute wait once so this helped me a ton.

My catfish came with a side of potato salad and baked beans which were both phenomenal. The beans had little chunks of meat and had a sweet aftertaste that tickled my taste buds.

Unfortunately I was slightly underwhelming. I went with a whole catfish which came out pretty thin which was totally fine. There wasn’t much seasoning on there and could have used some salt, pepper or something to give it more zip. The breading was flaky but didn’t really stand up to the competition of other fried catfish around town. I wanted to like it since the sides were amazing but this just didn’t meet the bar for me.

Perhaps I’ll go back and try the wings or even the BBQ next time.

I’ll say the lady working behind the truck was very nice and the food came out right on time when I called. Be on the look out for a revisited review in the future.

Here’s the menu:

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1 thought on “Ray’s Food Express Review”

  1. Ate at Ray’s Food Express yesterday with a friend. Food was fabulous, service was excellent, the owner Ray and his associate were so friendly.

    I highly recommend Ray’s to everyone, local and fellow travelers also.

    Thanks for great food.

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