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A new food truck has finally arrived into Wichita. Pizza Kwik which was a wildly popular pizza restaurant in Jefferson City, MO opened up a food truck. They’ve spent the last couple of months operating their truck in Missouri but made their way to Wichita, KS to operate here permanently. (Fear not Jefferson City, Pizza Kwik will still take their truck to Missouri on occasion.)

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Pizza Kwik sells oven-baked St. Louis style thin crust which is a very thin cracker-like crust and cut into squares or rectangles instead of wedges. They also make their own sauces which is always a plus.

You can call ahead and place your orders earlier to save you time. For me, I placed an order for a deluxe pizza on the day of their arrival to Wichita. It was hot and ready when I made it to the truck and it smelled wonderful.

I arrived home to this.

The pizza came with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions all held together by an ooey layer of cheese with sausages strategically placed on every single square. It was an amazing sight to behold. The fact that there were plenty of toppings on each little slice was such a breath of fresh air in the pizza game. There was no skimping on toppings. You definitely get your money’s worth.

We split the pizza between the two of us and I loved every bite. Thin-style pizzas are my jam and their crust was incredibly crispy. There was a cracker-like texture to it but nothing that was cheap and fell apart easily or was too thin.

The sauce was also excellent and added such a complimentary freshness to it. Overall, it was a great pizza. Having the pizza cut into little squares makes for an excellent treat from a food truck perspective. Once we can have food truck rallies, it’ll be so easy to carry the pizza box around and share the pizza with multiple people. But no need to wait for the food truck rallies, check out Pizza Kwik and let’s welcome them to Wichita.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see where they’ll be at next.

Here’s the menu:

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