The Neighborhood’s Favorite Street Tacos in Wichita

If you missed it, we have a new food panel called The Neighborhood. It’s a collection of local foodies, influencers and bloggers who want nothing more than to shine more light on the Wichita food scene.

It’s a group of people who are familiar with the restaurants and food trucks in Wichita. They are all supporters of our dining community. If you missed the introduction of The Neighborhood, you can check that out here.

For this week’s food panel discussion, I asked everybody in The Neighborhood to share their favorite street tacos in Wichita. Here’s what everyone came up with. Enjoy!

Gerardos Tacos

Telehue Food (by Lisa Nguyen)

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Favorite Street Tacos: Gerardo’s Tacos

My favorite place for street tacos is Gerardo’s Restaurant. I’ve only recently discovered their restaurant despite driving past it all the time. The tacos are simple and made with corn tortillas. They offer six different types and just added Birria Tacos to their menu available on the weekends. Their Birria Tacos are probably the best birria tacos I’ve ever had. Make sure to get the consome to dip the tacos in.

Tacos Chepe

Fert The Foodie

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Favorite Street Tacos: Tacos Chepe

My favorite place to get tacos from is Tacos Chepe.  They are a food truck that parks way up on the north side of Wichita.  I’ve been to some Taquerias in Mexico, and Tacos Chepe serves the closest thing to what I experienced down there.  I’ve been hooked ever since my first time trying them in their old hidden backyard spot.  There’s a lot of good taco options in Wichita, but for me, Tacos Chepe takes the cake.

El Rancho

Live Local (by Troy Trussell & Darin Hackney)

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Favorite Street Tacos: El Rancho

Troy’s favorite place to grab a street taco is at El Rancho where they serve up some of the best Barbacoa in the city.

District Taqueria

Wichita Life ICT

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Favorite Street Tacos: District Taqueria

We love District Taqueria for several reasons, including their controversial queso (some don’t like the creaminess, but we think it’s delicious). Their street tacos come packed full of meat and toppings. I personally love the addition of pineapple to add a little sweetness.

Taqueria El Fogon
Taqueria El Fogon

Just Try it

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Favorite Street Tacos: Taqueria El Fogon

We would have to go with Taqueria El Fogon, as that is one of the first places that we went together to. Despite them opening up a second location, we would consider them one of Wichita’s hidden gems, as not too many people are aware of them. Even a year later, we still consider them to have the best authentic Al Pastor in town. Some people are put off by the restaurant’s appearance and it being cash only, but once you take that first bite of the Al Pastor, you forget all about it. It has that perfect crust but juicy inside due to them using a trompo, which some places skip out on. They also add pineapple nowadays, which is a nice touch, along with the usual onions and cilantro. Everything is served with a complimentary plate of radishes, cucumber, and lime, which can add a new layer of flavour to your dish, or be a great snack for kids and adults alike. Even with other taco joints popping up around town, we still have a place in our hearts for El Fogon and their Al Pastor.

Lynn Avants

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Favorite Street Tacos: Taqueria El Fogon

I like street tacos. From a guy with a grill on the street corner to trendy stylish places with complicated offerings. Most places have one or two offerings that tend to stand out on top, but there are a few places that are outstanding with everything on the menu. The one place that has never left me disappointed is Taqueria El Fogon.

This is the place where I was introduced to spit broiled Al Pastor on fresh corn tortillas. I’ve tried all the meats offered and every one has been cooked perfectly every time. I’ve found that to be unusual for lengua and buche at most restaurants. The chicken is juicy which is another rarity. Fresh corn tortillas tend have a tendency to break when loaded up, but each taco is served with two tortillas that will prevent any tragic failures. I am a fan of the homemade pickled jalapenos, carrots, and onions as well as the fresh cucumber and radish garnish that are complementary. On occasion strips of pickled cactus, known as napolitos, may even be available which elevates things to yet another level. The red and green taco sauces are standard fare. There are many places that I love getting tacos, but Taqueria El Fogon is my go-to restaurant when I need to ensure great tacos every time!

Taco Fajita

Aaron McMullin

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Favorite Street Tacos: Taco Fajita

My favorite street taco place is Taco Fajita, located at 1004 S. Meridian at the corner of Meridian and McCormick. They offer $1 tacos all day, every day. They offer several different meats including al pastor and a very unique chicken al pastor. The chicken is my favorite followed by the al pastor. You might think for $1 they skimp on the goods but they make tacos right! I always make sure to get grilled onions instead of raw onions for a little added flavor, and don’t forget the cilantro! They also have a great array of salsas from very mild to very hot, if you like to few the burn (usually twice). They also have a great selection of other foods, including grilled whole jalapeños and The Machete, a play on a giant quesadilla.

Mr. Taco

Wichita By E.B.

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Favorite Street Tacos: Tacos Alex aka Mr. Taco

While all the tacos listed are fantastic in their own right. Some of them even sit at the top of my list and worthy of being listed as my personal favorite. I wanted to choose something different from what others stated to give some variety to this list. No stranger to taco aficionados, Tacos Alex (also known as Mr. Taco), has been a long-time favorite of many. The dual tortilla tacos filled with al pastor or tripas is true magic.

Hope you enjoyed these fantastic suggestions and recommendations from The Neighborhood! We have some more content coming your way along with future meetups at local restaurants! Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Have you tried Gorditas Durango on 13th St across from North High?? I thought there tacos and Gorditas were awesome.

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