When will Albero Bistro, the sequel to Albero Cafe, open in Wichita?

It’s been asked a lot. When will Albero Bistro open in Wichita? Trust me, you’re not alone in one of the city’s most anticipated restaurants.

Albero Bistro will be the second iteration of the Albero Cafe (reviewed here) that is located at 4811 E. Central. The new restaurant resides at Greenwich Place in the same strip that holds Freezing Moo at 2864 N Greenwich Rd #200.

The restaurant will feature many of the dishes found at Albero Cafe along with some new creations that could be unique to Albero Bistro. The new space will seat roughly 80 people and will include a bar and patio.

But you’re probably still wondering, when does this new place open? I have good news and bad news. The good news is, the restaurant is still a go. But after speaking with owner, Hassan Ballout, the bad news is Albero Bistro will not be opening up in 2020. The plan is to wait until 2021 and play it by ear.

In talking with Ballout, he doesn’t feel it’d be right to open a second restaurant with everything currently going on. With many restaurants running at half capacity, some understaffed and the uncertainty of the industry, he wants to take a wait and see approach. Everything is essentially done inside the restaurant and rest assured, he’s anxious for everything to pass so he can welcome the northeast side of Wichita to Albero Bistro.

Stay tuned for more.

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