What’s the latest on Cheesecake Factory coming to Wichita?

With the arrival of some big name chains in Wichita like Torchy’s Tacos, Dave & Busters, Old Spaghetti Factory over the past year, one question that keeps coming up is, “What is the latest on Cheesecake Factory coming to Wichita?

For some reason there’s been an uptick in the question after the news of Fatburger coming to Wichita and Whataburger coming to Kansas City. Well, here’s the latest: nothing, zilch, nada.

For the foreseeable future, I have not heard any peep about California-based cheesecake restaurant with the million-page menu coming to town. It’s a conversation piece I’ve had with some commercial realtors in town and they’ve all told me Wichita isn’t a big enough market at the moment. If they ever do come, it’ll definitely come as a surprise to me. Plus I’m too small that a company of that size would even make me privy to that information.

But if you’re getting ready to send a message over to me next week or ten months from now asking about Cheesecake Factory, this is the blog link you’ll be getting in return.

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3 thoughts on “What’s the latest on Cheesecake Factory coming to Wichita?”

  1. I know everyone would love to see CF come to Wichita but you really need to look at the demographic requirements that they have for placing a site. Even for east Wichita, the density and household income requirements will be hard to satisfy. But, things are changing so maybe someday.

  2. Its because the Cheesecake Factory needs to be near a major mall that has a direct link to a high end department store chain namely Maceys. Thats a fact!

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