Fast Food Breakfast Series: Taco Bell

We’ve started a new segment called the Fast Food Breakfast Series. With remote school and work-from-home, this has given us an opportunity to add a little fun at home and involve everyone. Our latest stop in the series took us to Taco Bell. It’s a restaurant I give a hard time on but in the past have had good success by fast food standards with their breakfast. A few years ago, they had an excellent dollar menu of items to choose from.

During the pandemic, the Taco Bells around town revamped their menu and cut menu items. They took off their breakfast taco options and now only have a handful of different breakfast burrito options to choose from.

On our visit to grab breakfast from Taco Bell, we went with their hash brown toasted breakfast burrito and an offering of their different grande toasted breakfast burrito which were around $2 more and were advertised as being stuffed with much more food. We also ordered their hash browns.

Visually the breakfast burritos appeared huge for the price.

Taco Bell also has some of the best hash browns in town when cooked right. We had one that was nearly rock hard, but the others were crispy with a soft interior. Pouring some hot sauce over the top made it even better. The price increased to $1.29 for one but still a worthy addition to your fast food breakfast.

Our biggest gripe with Taco Bell’s burritos was how unsatisfying they were.

Here’s what the burritos look like on the menu.

Here’s what we received.

Our burritos looked like a quickly rushed job in the kitchen. Lay the tortilla out flat, put some stuff inside, roll it up and get them out the door. The grande burrito was more tortilla than anything. You’ve heard of 7-layer dip, this was like a 7-layer tortilla.

Needless to say, aside from the hash browns the visit to Taco Bell was a big letdown.

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