Guide to Wichita’s Restaurant Related Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to provide value, promote, build relationships, and provide information to whatever topics that best fit the group.

If you’re on Facebook, perhaps you’re in one of the many Facebook Groups dedicated to the Wichita restaurant scene. There’s quite a few to choose from. They all have their pros and cons but all typically have the same goal: to help promote the local food scene. You may not know about them all. Variety is the spice of life and I’m here to share all the groups. Find one that fits you.

If you’re new to Facebook groups, picking one could be overwhelming or you could always join them all and see which one fits best for what you’re looking for. Here’s a guide to the more popular Wichita restaurant Facebook groups out there.

Wichita Food & Booze

This is the most popular of all the groups out there with over 50,000 members. The group is also one of the more recent ones to start and originally began as a way to help get the word out on restaurants at the start of COVID in Wichita.

It’s a great group because of the sheer amount of members and opinions you can get. Many business owners are also a part of the group. That leads to lots of promotion and shares on restaurant specials, events and more so it can get quite flooded with material to sift through.

One thing to keep in mind is only good reviews are allowed in the group. The rule has been a stickler for some members. They have tended to stray away from the drama and negativity surrounding bad reviews so those will most likely get deleted.

Wichita Restaurant Review

One of the oldest Facebook groups out there is Wichita Restaurant Review. The group has been designed to be purely a place for diners to share their restaurant reviews to each other: good or bad.

As the main announcement reads in the group, “THE EASILY OFFENDED SHOULD LEAVE THIS GROUP“. The group is set up so people can share what their opinions are without getting attacked or feeling offended. Their goal is to attain honest reviews of places in town.

They also have a strong no advertisement rule so you won’t have to deal with seeing promotion of restaurants in the group.

Wichita By E.B. Foodie Friends

Hey! This one sounds familiar and is ran by yours truly. I created the group originally to have it as a private (less public) place to engage with readers of my page. With a ton of followers on my main page, comments can often fall by the waste side. The whole goal of the group is to just talk food and restaurants (not just in Wichita). The group is primarily for followers of the blog as an additional touchpoint for readers; I like the tight-knit feel of it.

Like Wichita Restaurant Review, the good and bad are allowed. I call it a safe haven for people to share their opinions. You won’t find too many blog links shared as I shy against the constant re-sharing of material. There’s very limited sharing of content from other pages. I feel that if it’s already out there on Facebook in other pages or groups, there’s no need to share it again. Why continually flood a Facebook feed with the same stuff?

Dining With Denise Group

Like Wichita By E.B. Foodie Friends, Denise Neil of the Wichita Eagle has a group that serves as another touchpoint for her readers.

Many of her articles are shared in the group and you’ll occasionally see some other material from restaurant owners. It’s also a group to personally talk with Denise if you’d like. She’ll occasionally ask questions for feedback.

Wichita Veg*n Foodies

This is a great group for anyone who’s into vegetarian and vegan foods. There’s many posts about veg-friendly restaurants and grocery stores.

Those are probably the most popular groups out there. When joining the groups, be sure to answer whatever questions they ask. I know some groups tend to not hit the approve button without those questions answered. They are usually easy, straightforward questions; I haven’t seen someone ask for a social security number yet.

There are also some other groups that may be worth visiting if you just want to explore them all. Those include:
Wichita Food Scene
Wichita Restaurant & Food Trucks United
Wichita food & restaurant blog
Wichita Dining Curbside To Go

Otherwise, go have fun and engage with others. I love talking about food, seeing people share their dining experiences and all the debates about dining. It can get pretty argumentative and I see people get really passionate about their food. But it’s all in the name of food and fun.

Happy Dining,

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