The patriarch of Da Cajun Shak restaurants, Chris Granger, has passed away

The patriarch of Da Chicken Shak & More and Da Cajun Shak, Chris Granger, has passed away.

It’s been a tough few months for the Granger family who lost Chris’ son, Tim Granger in November.

I met Chris a while ago when he reached out to me asking for advice and digital media help. We went a lunch a couple of times and talked over the phone. He would always ask me what people would think about this or that in regard to making changes at the restaurant. I’d laugh and tell him I’ve never owned a restaurant so who knows if what I’m saying was even right. He was always thinking and brainstorming on how to better serve the restaurants’ clientele. Chris was such a kind gentle soul that deeply loved his family.

Chris’ grandson Gabe will now be running Da Chicken Shaks which will remain open while his other siblings will run Da Cajun Shak. I have not heard back yet on whether Da Cajun Shak will close for any period of time.

Credit: Gabe Granger for the photos.

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