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We’ve tried some meal delivery services on a national level but what about some local options? We’ve been trying some out around town and one of those businesses was Homemade Dinners 2 Go who is run by a local lady here in town.

Their mission of families being able to eat dinner together as often as possible. With the recent string of cold weather, we decided to stay in a couple of days and give them a try.

Email: kim@homemadedinners2go.com
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Meal options can be found on their website where you can order from directly.

Many of their meals are prepared and frozen so you can eat them when you’re ready. All meals come with instructions on how to prepare and have different serving sizes for 2-3 people (Small), 4-6 (Medium), or 7-12 (Large). Once orders are placed, you can pick up on Friday and Saturday or have them delivered for a small fee. Prices for the meals hover around the $20 line which isn’t bad for how many people it feeds.

We tried a couple of entrees along with desserts. Our two different dinners were lasagna and BBQ pork chops. For the lasagna, we were given instructions to cook in the oven. For the BBQ pork chops, they were prepared in the Instant Pot.

When placing our order, we asked for enough to feed five and had plenty of food. The lasagna came in a big aluminum foil baking pan. We popped it in the oven and it was dinner for all of us with a ton of convenience. The BBQ pork chops came in a ziplock freezer bag. We dumped it into an Instant Pot, followed the instructions, and had dinner ready in twenty minutes.

For our desserts, we had apple crisp and cinnamon roll cake.

The home-based business, Homemade Dinners 2 Go, offered us a ton of convenience especially when you mix in work, family and extracurriculars. That was the biggest sell for us. Of all the meals, our favorite was either the BBQ pork chops which had a really delicious sauce along with some tender, easy-to-cut-into pork chops. Or it might have been the apple crisp which was even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream over the top.

For more on Homemade Dinners 2 Go, check them out on Facebook.

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