Pho Cao Revisited

Two years ago, a Vietnamese restaurant named Pho Cao took over the former Charng-An space at 9203 W. Central Ave. It’s long been on my list to revisit after a less than stellar experience. I decided to give it some time before returning. Little did I know “some time” turned into two years. But with that, here’s our return visit to Pho Cao.

9203 W Central Ave
Wichita, KS 67212

Wednesday – Monday: 11am – 8pm
Closed on Tuesday


Cash/Card Accepted

One of the previous problems from my original visit was the ventilation. I remember being able to see and smell the smoke coming from the kitchen. All of that was non-existent. I even ordered a grilled item to see if that smoke would come and it did not.

My dinner began with an order of spring rolls. Last time, my appetizers came out after my meals. This time, they arrived well before my dinner order. The spring rolls were plump, filling and a great start to my meal.

The entree I went with was the Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio (grilled pork combo bowl) with vermicelli rice noodles, grilled pork, egg rolls, fresh greens and garnishes. My meal came out just as ordered. It was timely, fresh and visually appealing. Probably my only gripe was there wasn’t much grilled pork in my meal but the amount that was in there was delicious. There was a noticeably grilled taste with each piece in the dish. It wasn’t bland at all; certainly well-seasoned. All the fixings were included to give it the traditional bun feel. Aside from the limited amount of pork, I really enjoyed the dish.

One key thing that stuck out from our first visit and was there once again was the service. Who I believe to be the same lady working the first time was there on my second visit. She was extremely nice and once again working all jobs in the dining room.

Literally, every issue I had with my first visit was resolved. I actually stopped by once in 2020, but that was when restaurants had to close down their dining room. So, I’m glad I could get back into Pho Cao and experience everything in person. I’ll have to go back again and get some Banh Xeo next time.

Here’s their menu:

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