R Coffee House Revisited

While searching for some breakfast, I decided to swing by R Coffee House. The restaurant and coffee shop are located in Riverside and certainly fits the character of the neighborhood. If you’ve never heard of it, this place is one of Wichita’s best little secrets and worth venturing out to.

1144 Bitting St.
Wichita, KS 67203

Open Daily: 8am – 5pm


Cash/Card Accepted

I’ve had breakfast at R Coffee House before so knew I was in store for some deliciousness. They had a special going on that morning which was a Gangsta Breakfast Burgers with hash browns. It was a thick two-patty burger with a fried egg and cheese. I’m a big believer in fried eggs on any type of burger. The burger really hit the spot for me. The hash browns which came with a side of salsa was like the cherry on top.

I was hungry that morning and also had some French toast. Each piece of bread had a nice brown coloring and was slightly crispy on the outside while being creamy on the inside. Cutting into it was easy but at the same time wasn’t soggy. Each bite had a rich and sweet custard flavor. Basically, it was picture perfect French toast.

Plus if you’re into art, they have a bunch of local art pieces available for sale.

R Coffee House reeks of “We just want to put out good food and give you a space to have a good time.” It’s a business run by a local family that you can tell shares a lot of love for each other and their customers. I love what they do and how supportive they are of the community.

This place comes highly recommended. You will all definitely want to check them out.

Here’s their menu.

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