Twelve Restaurant & Bar Revisited

One restaurant we’ve been wanting to revisit for quite some time was Twelve Restaurant & Bar. It’s located at 119th and Maple so for some east-siders they may think it’s quite the drive. Spoiler alert: It’s worth it. I have not been to Twelve since their Sunday brunch buffet was open so it’s been a while. Here’s our long overdue revisited review of Twelve.

12111 W. Maple St.
Wichita, KS 67235

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 2pm; 4pm – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 2pm; 4pm – 9pm
Closed on Sunday

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Cash/Card Accepted

Our dinner started off with rolls and butter. I would comment on this but our daughter hogged most of it.

In hindsight, that was a good thing as it saved my appetite for what was to come.

For our entrees, we went with the house brined pork chop and the spicy shrimp pasta. I received a big thick pork chop that felt like it filled me up after the first bite. It was covered in a sherry-whole grain mustard sauce which gave it the savory pork chop some pop. Each bite was lean and easy to cut into. Simply put, it was a fantastic pork chop.

The spicy shrimp pasta was a big heaping bowl of food. The spicy Cajun cream sauce added a bit of heat that was also very flavorful. There are dishes that add heat for the sake of heat and there are dishes that add heat and still make it taste delicious. This was the latter. There was a generous amount of shrimp, andouille sausage, and mushrooms throughout the dish. Simply put, it was a fantastic bowl of pasta.

Our daughter went with chicken tenders and fries. That evening, she wasn’t having it and focused on her rolls and the crayons she was given. The adults ended up eating most of the fries. She’s at that age where I feel like we are wasting a ton of food. She and I are going to need to have a heart-to-heart about that.

While she was wasting food, we kept eating away and ordered some vanilla crème brûlée. Seriously, this was probably the best we’ve had in town. Like the rest of our meals, it was a big portion size that was perfect for two people. It wasn’t so overly sweet like other crème brûlée which may have attributed to why I enjoyed it so much. And only because I’ve said it throughout the blog, I’m going to say it again. Simply put, it was a fantastic crème brûlée.

Our fantastic dinner was also complimented by the superb service we received all night.

All in all, a perfect evening except for my daughter refusing to eat her food. Who’s got some tips for me? Bribing a toddler with cash doesn’t seem to work.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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