What to expect with the Cajun seafood restaurant Headz & Tailz Whisky Bar

A new Cajun seafood restaurant with Cambodian flair will open on Friday, March 12 in downtown Wichita in the former Fredo’s space at 301 N. Washington St. Headz & Tailz Whisky Bar will specialize in Cambodian dishes, all sorts of seafood offerings and what looks to be the biggest draw, crawfish.

We stopped by this week to get a first-hand look at what you could expect on your visit.

301 N. Washington St.
Wichita, KS 67202

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

The interior looks similar in terms of layout and seating as the former Fredo’s space. The same covered patio facing the east end of the building is still there which could make for a great spot during the warmer weather.

To start our dinner, we ordered a couple of drinks. Megan saw someone drinking out of a small fishbowl sized glass. I asked the bartender what it was and we went ahead and ordered it. The drink was called “Riel Paradise” and included Crown Apple, Tuaca, and Jackfruit; super delicious. This could be shared between 2-4 people if you really wanted to.

For dinner, it stuck with all seafood. We had three pounds of crawfish, a pound of shrimp, a pound of mussels, sausage and potatoes. You have three options of heat: mild, medium and hot. We ordered medium for everything except the mussels which we asked for hot.

The sauce at Headz & Tailz Whisky Bar was much different from other places. As mentioned earlier, it’s Cajun with a Cambodian spin. Their sauce had a hint of ginger and curry which was so flavorful. The medium could have packed a little bit more punch but the hot definitely brought the heat.

For how early into the crawfish season it was, we were pleasantly surprised with how big the crawfish was. Everything was fantastic and delicious. We plowed through the three pounds with ease.

And still had room for the shrimp and mussels. I’m a huge mussels fan and having them served with the hot sauce was a treat.

Check them out when they open. I’m predicting big lines which could turn into long wait times for customers. There aren’t many places at the moment that serve crawfish currently and not many places that serve Cajun seafood. So plan accordingly should you decide to go.

Here’s the menu that could fluctuate based on cost of seafood:

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