Japan Express Revisited

For someone like me who tries to eat out at a different place every day, not many restaurants make my regular rotation. If I had to choose one of my top ten most frequented restaurants though, Japan Express would certainly be up there. They are a small little family-owned Japanese restaurant at the northeast corner of 21st and Rock Road. I’ve literally had every single item on the menu. I’m surprised it took me almost a full three months into 2021 to make a stop but I finally did and loved every second of it.

2250 N Rock Rd Ste 126
Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Friday: 11am – 7:30pm
Closed on Saturday & Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

For my latest visit, I went with a bowl of miso soup to get my taste buds going and followed that up with some momoyaki.

There’s nothing really to write home about with their miso soup. It’s a simple bowl of soup that runs $1.50 and is a nice sipper to get my lunch going.

The momoyaki is a marinated chicken leg with homemade ground pork, egg roll, brown egg and steamed broccoli over noodles. It’s probably one of my favorite three dishes on the menu. The marinated chicken leg was beyond delicious. It was savory yet had a sweet aftertaste to it and was incredibly juicy and tender. They had some hot soy sauce around and I doused my pork and noodles with it to give it some extra heat. Every bite was sensational and flavorful.

The dish and Japan Express in general hit all the sweet spots for me: affordable, delicious and convenient.

They get lots of orders and work hard in the kitchen to pump every one out in as quick as they can. The staff there has a lot of pride into the product they put out and it has shown over the years. It’s one of those restaurants that never seems to lose a step.

If you’ve never been to Japan Express I urge you to give them just one try.

Here is their menu (for a better view check out their web page):

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