A visual guide to visiting the Sedgwick County Zoo

We are members of the Sedgwick County Zoo. I believe it’s important if you’re able to purchase memberships to venues in town you want to support. The zoo is just one of the many places I love in town and want to support when I can.

I remember going last year and my daughter just sat in the stroller unaware of the world around her. Now that she’s more active, I purchased a family membership to take in one of the best parts about the city. With warmer (yet windy) weather, we finally made it out. Here’s a visual guide of what to expect this year.

For the first visit of 2021, we were able to get to roughly 75% of the zoo’s attractions so you can expect a revisited blog in the future.

Our first stop was the Penguin Cove. This was my daughter’s first time seeing a penguin and I think it totally freaked her out.

The grizzly bear wasn’t having it today. He saw us and walked around the corner to hide.

There’s a buffalo character in the movie Zootopia that creeps my daughter out. Fortunately, she was cool with watching the buffalo from afar.

Our next stop was the Gorilla Forest. This was the most exciting exhibit for my daughter when I first took her at eight months old. On this visit, it was far from that. The gorillas freaked her out. She held on tightly to me when getting up close to the glass.

When I said the word “butt” though, it made her laugh.

Leaving the gorilla exhibit, we saw some okapi. We let my daughter know that the okapi is the only living relative of the giraffe. She was not too impressed with our facts.

Anybody sing the song, “Can you feel the love tonight?” when they pass this exhibit?

Passing by the African painted dogs, it was reminiscent of Black Friday shopping at Walmart when the Tickle Me Elmo was released.

My other favorite exhibit is the elephant exhibit. Only two of them were out. I’m always amazed by the pure size of them.

Things started to pick up for my daughter. She loved some of the smaller animals like the meercats and red river hogs.

We have not been to the zoo since the Red Pandas arrived. So, that was very cool to see.

That concluded our first trip to the zoo. We did grab some lunch at The Beastro but I’ll save that for the next zoo-related blog. Stay tuned!

Until then, if you would like to become a member of the zoo or learn more, visit their webpage here.

Have something fun to do in Wichita that would be worth us coming out to write about? Let us know simply by e-mailing us with your information. We are always open to suggestions.

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