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In the past year, they’ve been working on building a brand, perfecting their product and are now ready to get their name out there even more. Overkill Jerky is a local producer of beef jerky. Their jerky can be purchased online and will now be available at the west side Farmer’s Market at 21st & Ridge Road starting Saturday.

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Overkill Jerky’s namesake comes from the overkill of flavor in each bite. Currently, they have three flavors. Here are their product descriptions:

  • Original – Original OverKills – Original bold flavor with hints of our signature blend of spices. The flavors marry together in harmony and take your taste buds on a journey with a little kick. Best of all, is its KETO Friendly!
  • Heat – Are you ready for THE HEAT?! This is our Original signature flavor with a BURN that lasts!!
  • Beach Bum – Bring tastes of the Caribbean with pineapple and hints of jerk spices. Our mildest flavor that is family and kid friendly.

4oz. bags of beef jerky run $10 and come in a resealable bag. We tried all three flavors and everyone had a favorite.

I’m a big fan of their style of beef jerky. It’s not overly saturated in salt and additives. What you get is a good quality piece of jerky that packs on the flavor. The dried beef is more tender than it appears.

Of the three flavors, Original was Megan’s favorite. It was a good, bold, simple beef jerky that wasn’t gimmicky. She’s a big fan of a natural tasting jerky and doesn’t necessarily need the heat or different flavors.

Then there’s me, who loves all sorts of different options. I couldn’t decide between the Beach Bum or the Heat as my favorite.

Beach Bum had a complex flavor profile that included pineapple, Worcestershire sauce, and I believe some soy sauce. It was tangy, zesty, salty and hit my taste buds in all different ways. The Heat was the complete opposite. Megan felt it was too hot but it was perfect level for me; just a powerful punch that didn’t linger too long.

Overkill Jerky is another local producer of jerky that’s ready to impress. If you’re out at the west side Farmer’s Market be on the look out for them. Otherwise, you can purchase your bags via their website.

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