N&J Cafe: Middle Eastern Cuisine Review

One of the older restaurants in town can be found over by the old Southeast High School near Lincoln and Edgemoor. Of course most of you have heard of it, N&J Cafe: Middle Eastern Cuisine.

5600 E Lincoln St., Wichita, KS 67218

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

I found this little blurb on their website interesting and tells the story of what N&J specializes in:

Middle Eastern food is part of a dynamic and immersive cultural experience. The Arabic cultures of the Middle East find great joy in evenings filled with food, family and gregarious conversation. Extended families of over 20 people dining and dancing well into the night is the norm. The people are family centric and exceedingly generous. Visitors to the Middle East should not be surprised by frequent invitations to join an Arab family for tea or dinner. For Arab and other cultures of the Middle East cuisine is an opportunity to give to others, make friends and share in an impassioned life. It is in this spirit that N&J welcomes you to a great meal enjoyed with family and friends.

We decided to have carryout lunch from N&J and ordered a Greek salad, beef shawarma sandwich and some grape leaves. It took maybe 10 minutes or so from order to carryout pickup. So to those looking for quick lunch spots, this definitely fit the bill.

At first glance, there were zero issues with portion sizes. The beef shawarma sandwich was large and in charge. It was stuffed with marinated beef, red onions, tomatoes, hummus and tahini sauce. There was no shortage of flavor inside the pita wrap. It was on special that day for $7.50 and came with two sides. I went with hummus and tabouli. The hummus was smooth and delicious but the tabouli was dried out.

The Greek Salad was fresh and way more than any average diner would need for lunch. I had all the grape leaves to myself. Of all Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine, grape leaves are probably my favorite of the appetizers offered. I try to get them on any visit and am always satisfied.

On my visit, my brief visit with the staff was very friendly and as noted earlier, the service was quick.

I’m sure many people are very happy to have them back in business.

Here is the menu:

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