Argentina’s Empanadas Revisited

The beauty about Wichita is the variety of food available in town. There are so many cultures represented here. One of them is Argentinian food. While there is a small footprint of it in town, one local business who has been operating out of a commercial space has been Argentina’s Empanadas who as you can guess sells empanadas.

Call to order – 316-559-5650

The family based business started off as a mother-daughter project. The mother who is Argentinian took a class from an award-winning chef on making empanadas. After the class, the mother and daughter spent time perfecting the recipe until one day realizing maybe it could turn into a business. Thus, Argentina’s Empanadas was born.

They’ve been operating for a while now and spent lots of time perfecting everything. I checked them out a year ago and decided it was time to get some more. Since my first visit, they’ve expanded their menu (found below) to include different fillings.

A dozen empanadas ran $25, but customers can order half-dozens if they’d like. I had a mix of different flavors and loved them all, especially the Argentine Chimichurri which was an olive oil base with fresh herbs and spices with a lime squeeze.

The exterior of the empanadas was a treat itself. It was like walking into a bakery and smelling fresh bread. The aroma was a knockout and the texture was pillowy soft.

Each empanada was stuffed to the max. As a huge carnivore, I was a big fan of the tango beef which included beef, sauteed onions, scallions, bell peppers, green olives, hard-boiled eggs and spices. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying other empanadas like the Caprese which was tomato, basil, balsamic vinegar and cheese. There wasn’t one I disliked and would have easily been happy with an order of any flavor.

It’s great to have unique foods available in town, but even better when the food is delicious. I definitely recommend Argentina’s Empanadas.

Here’s the menu:

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