Crumble & Cream’s bikes are the perfect addition to any event

I love doing different things for parties. A mobile business we’ve blogged about before called Crumble & Cream who makes big decadent deep dish cookies recently unveiled their bikes which carry their products and appear at events.  With my daughter’s second birthday, I thought it’d be the perfect addition to have for all the kids. They have two bikes available, so I reached out to them to see if they would be available to hire for the party… they were.

…..And it was a big success.

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During the party, the bike was punctual and set everything up. They had the bike out and set up a table and umbrella. Inside the cart, there were multiple ice cream flavors inside. The kids (and adults) could get a waffle bowl filled with ice cream and topped with different fun things to choose from.

Crumble & Cream also brought out their signature deep dish cookies which could be topped with ice cream upon request.

The kids thought it was a big hit.

Quick kids review: every single kid was a huge fan of gummy worms on their waffle bowls.

It was a huge winner for the adults too who eagerly got in line right after the kids.

My daughter made a beeline for the cookies which has been her latest addiction.

Grace, who was the server, did an outstanding job for the hour we had them on hand. She made sure everyone was accommodated and taken care of. They had it set to where you simply put down a deposit depending on where and how long the event was and paid for cookies and ice cream eaten by the attendees.

Crumble & Cream made for a fantastic addition to my daughter’s birthday party. I loved that I could support local as well as offer everyone something different from what they’re used to seeing at a kid’s birthday parties. Next year, I need to do something really boring because I’m not sure I can continue raising the bar.

If you are curious for more information on renting a bike for your event, visit their website or be sure to follow Crumble & Cream on Facebook.

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