What to expect with the 17th hole at the Wichita Open

It’s that time when 1.) The heat will be picking up and 2.) You may get a text that goes like this:

“Hey, I have some extra tickets to the Wichita Open! You interested in going?”

The 2021 Wichita Open is back for another year at the Crestview Country Club. The competition rounds take place June 17 – 20. It’s one of the best events in town that draws huge crowds. It’s my time to watch all the golfers do what I wish I could do on the course. 

One of the biggest attractions of the Wichita Open is the 17th Hole. It’s a par 3, but that isn’t what the allure is all about. If you manage to get tickets to the 17th Green VIP Experience, it’s an afternoon like no other. There’s complimentary beer and alcohol, food, and plenty of seating on their multi-level grandstands that give you the opportunity to overlook the green. Often times, you’ll see caddies race to the green with spectators cheering them on.

It’s essentially a party hole for fans of the game along with casual fans who just want to get out of the house. I find it enjoyable betting with friends which golfer in each group will get closest to the pin, which caddy will win the race and more. It’s really just a fun experience and one I’ve been doing for years on end (except for 2020). Oh and did I mention complimentary beer and alcohol?!?!

Oh and how about the food? There’s a tent set up where you can get hot dogs, burgers, croissants, sandwiches, etc. Truth be told, the food isn’t all that memorable, but if you’ve been drinking all afternoon in the hot sun, sometimes you don’t care about the quality of food. It’s all really just basic staples that get you by.

Tickets can be purchased online or by calling 316-219-9046.

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