First Look at Rice ‘n Tings: Serving Hawaiian and Caribbean food

A brand new mobile food vendor called Rice ‘n Tings celebrated their very first day of business on Friday, June 11. They were at the Derby BBQ Festival and we put it on our calendar to check out.

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Rice ‘n Tings serves Hawaiian and Caribbean cuisine. With it being their very first day, they had a limited menu featuring two things or as they put it, “two tings”.

It was Jerk Chicken and Kalua Pork. The dish came with a side of rice. I opted to go for both items with the rice.

I’m not sure if visually it looks appealing with the photograph I took, but rest assured it was delicious. The Jerk Chicken had a very smoky and charred flavor to it that was excellent and the Kalua Pork was juicy, tender and had a slight sweetness to it that really hit. The rice had a slight bit of heat and complimented both proteins well.

Like I said, it was literally their first day on the job. With a big food festival, I think it was a good idea to run with a limited menu. There were so many unknowns with the size of the crowd, rain in the forecast and any possible first day hiccups. They did a great job and I look forward to seeing them make some appearances in Wichita.

Here’s the menu:

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