First Look at Tacos Uruapan

While driving down West Street, I saw a blue food truck randomly parked out in front of the Star Lumber building. I got really excited and said to everyone in the car, “Guess I know where we are all eating tonight!”

We ran a couple of errands and made our way back to the food truck which went by the name Tacos Uruapan. Come to find out, it was their very first day out. They don’t have a Facebook page, so this will likely be one of the first times many people will hear about them. Let’s check it out.

Currently located at 325 S West Street in front of Star Lumber

Friday – Sunday: 12pm – 11pm
Closed Monday – Thursday

Cash/Card Accepted

Their menu featured burritos, flautas, quesadillas, gorditas, quesabirria, tortas, chavindecas and of course, tacos. They had a variety of different proteins including carne asada, al pastor, barbacoa, lengua, tripas, and birria.

We decided to go with a mix of tacos that included al pastor, lengua, and carne asada. We also ordered an al pastor gordita.

The gordita was pretty tasty and stuffed with cilantro, al pastor, onions and a small bit of sour cream.

They were VERY generous on the cilantro but since we had fingers, we could take some off. The dual tortilla tacos held up well too. The only minor complaint was the al pastor was slightly dry but had really good flavor. The other meats were much better. I was a big fan of the lengua which was very tender.

The family running the food truck was very nice, especially the gentleman who took my order. He said they were excited to finally have their food truck out and look forward to customers learning about them. It’s definitely worth a try for all taco fans and those who love trying the new food trucks out there.

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Here’s the menu:

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