Hank Is Wiser Brewery has reopened in Cheney, KS

Hank Is Wiser Brewery

They’ve been closed since COVID-19 started, but Hank Is Wiser Brewery reopened at the beginning of the month. One of the early players in the local brewery scene located in Cheney, KS started brewing beers preparing for the opening.

At the moment, theirs beers are not quite ready yet so they’ll be serving beers from Sam Adams, Boulevard, Walnut River, Free State, and more in the meantime. Also, their BBQ kitchen is currently closed but hope to open that up soon as well.

While the food and the beer is great, one of the big reasons I’m a fan of Hank Is Wiser goes beyond that. The ambience, the vibe and most importantly the people are what pushes me to make the drive to Cheney.

If you’ve never been to Hank Is Wiser, they are located at 213 N. Main St.

Be sure to follow them Facebook.

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