The Neighborhood food truck recommendations for this summer

With summer’s arrival, that means one thing: Food trucks are out in full force. This is their time of year to shine and show their skills.

The restaurant panel, The Neighborhood, put their collective minds together to throw out some suggestions on what’s good around Wichita. As active eaters (and supporters), I asked The Neighborhood to share three food trucks they would recommend to everyone. Here’s their thoughts!

Fert The Foodie

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The food truck scene in the Wichita area has really grown over the last couple years. We have lost a small number of good ones during that time, but there are still quite a few local food trucks that I enjoy, and more being added every month. The top food truck, in my opinion, is Big B’s Beef. They specialize in Chicago style food like Italian Beef Sandwiches and Chicago Dogs, which I can never get enough of. The people who run it are awesome too, and they spread the love all around Wichita instead of always being in the same location in a certain part of town. Big B’s Beef is definitely my number one suggested food truck.

Another food truck that has shot up toward the top of my list of favorites is the Bread Sled Cafe. The owner has really impressed me with his culinary creations over the past year. It’s not just one type of food, it’s a fusion of all different kinds of cuisine, with their own twist. I have yet to have anything from them that wasn’t some of the tastiest food served out of a truck. One of the most recent items I got from them was a Watermelon Al Pastor Taco, which sounds weird, but actually was quite good. Also, I bet there’s not a single soul who would dislike their Bang Bang Chicken Fries.

The third food truck I would suggest to check out is The BOMB BBQ. Wichita has seen its fair share of BBQ food trucks, but The BOMB BBQ always finds a way to stand out with things like their BBQ Parfait. Whenever I’ve had a weird craving involving smoked meats, they have made it become reality, like most recently they made me a stacked Burnt Ends Burger, which was incredible. The owner is one of the most generous people in the Wichita food scene, he’s always donating food and money to charitable causes. It really feels good to support a food truck that gives back to the community.

While this is not nearly all the food trucks in the Wichita area that I would suggest trying, it’s three that I highly suggest trying. Wichita is lucky to have all the food trucks that are out there doing their thing, keep on truckin’ food trucks!

Wichita Life ICT

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Wade Waffle Co:
Wade Waffle Co is a very unique food truck. They offer fresh, hot waffle. I’ve got a bad sweet tooth and you can’t go wrong with any of their sweet waffles.

Ken and Barbie’z Rollin Diner:
At the last food truck rally downtown, we tried the fajita fries. It had delicious flavor and great quality ingredients. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to try a mix of two great flavors.

Uno Mas:
Uno mas is a classic Wichita staple. Anytime we can get their delicioso tacos, we do. Some of the best tacos around town.

Lynn Avants with Significantly Spicy

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Big B’s Beef – Italian Beef sandwiches with provolone cheese, sweet peppers, and spicy giardiniera mix on a soft bun that holds up to the juice, say nothing more, these are the best. The Gyros are fantastic too!

Leo’s Taqueria & Catering – You simply will not find a better Shrimp Quesadilla in Wichita. The Habanero salsa brings the flavor as well as the heat. The Ceviche Tostada is outstanding too. When I am feeling like some red meat, the Cabeza taco is another easy flavor-packed winner!
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Bread Sled Café – Outstanding dishes like the Phorito, Korean Philly sandwich, Watermelon Pastor tacos, and Duck Fat Fries keeps me coming back time and time again!
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Aaron McMullin

Wichita Food Scene Facebook Group Founder

With all of the food trucks in Wichita it’s hard to narrow it down to just three. I picked three that are somewhat “off the beaten path” and don’t seem to get much attention in social media even though they have tremendous food.

Noble House – in addition to the brick and mortar restaurant they have a food truck that serves much of the same food. My wife and I tried it for the first time earlier this week and enjoyed everything. The chicken and the poke were delicious. We have the restaurant at the top of list to try soon.

Taters N Toppings – this is exactly what you would expect. You pick your potato and then pick your toppings. I had the tater tots with pulled pork, cheese, and jalapeños. Guhhhh!

Paranormal Eggsperience – these guys hang out all around town and always have unique dishes. My personal favorite is the Bigfoot Burrito, stuffed with eggs, bacon, sausage, tater tots, and cheese. How could you go wrong with that?

Wichita By E.B.

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Like everyone said, sooooo many great options out there. I think the town knows many of the uber popular food trucks around town so I wanted to veer off and focus on three that deserves just as much love.

Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos: I have an immense amount of respect and admiration for whimsical, fun, concoctions. Dappery Dodo does just that with their burrito creations. They aren’t just your regular burritos. One month it could be eggplant asado, another month it could be chicken and waffles or Irish red ale stew, another month it’s biscuits & gravy.

Churros El Carnaval: A food truck that is completely dedicated to churros. I mean, is there anything else that needs to be said to get you to go?

Tacos Chepe: Up north, you’ll find one of the best tacos in town. They originally started as a home-based business serving tacos out of their backyard. They’ve since upped their game with a food truck and slinging out delicious food.

What are some of your favorite food trucks you’d recommend around town? Comment below!

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