Tanganyika Falls Splash Park temporarily closes amid filtration system issues

The Tanganyika Falls Splash Park at Tanganyika Wildlife Park has temporarily closed as of Saturday, June 19 per announcement on the park’s Facebook page.

The park’s newest addition which features a 5,000 square foot water park has run into a filtration system issue was the issue for the closure. They said they are working diligently to remedy the issue and have no timetable for the parks reopening.

Since the announcement, comments on their Facebook page have been rampant with concerns and reports of people getting sick after visiting the park. Many parents have been furious, noting their kids have been sick with fevers, diarrhea, with some saying their children have been hospitalized. We made our visit to Tanganyika on June 6 and fortunately didn’t incur any issues, but it seems like many of the reports have come from visits that have taken place within the last week. Over 700 comments have been made on their announcement and worth a read.

If you were one of the families to visit recently, it’s something you’ll probably want to follow closely.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park has yet to comment any further on any of this. If you’d like to read more on this, here’s their Facebook post highlighting the issue.

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