Toy Review: Peppa Pig Peppa’s Shopping Center

My daughter is coming up on two and is a huge Peppa Pig fan. The kid knows what she wants and if she finds the remote, she’ll grab it and ask for Peppa.

While at Target, I decided to peruse the toy aisle and came across the Peppa Pig Peppa’s Shopping Center playset. It was $24.99. My kid hasn’t been the best when playing with figures and sets like this in the past but I figured I’d purchase it and see what happens.

When I arrived home to surprise her, she blurted out a big “Toysssssssss!” I showed her the packaging and it took her a minute to realize it was Peppa Pig. Everything was highly secured to the box and it took me probably 10-15 minutes to untie, unbox, unwrap all the parts. Now Emery isn’t the most patient kid in the world so, of course, I’d her yapping in my ear to hurry up.

Here’s the end result.

Peppa’s Shopping Center included the following:

  • The real working elevator lets you visit all three floors of this busy shopping center!
  • A photobooth that moves with the push of a button, a dressing room that slides in and out, a top level with pizza and chairs.
  • A shopping cart complete with a slide which goes into a ball pit.
  • A swinging horsey.
  • The ability to connect and disconnect this modular playset for more ways to play.
  • This playset includes exclusively-dressed Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep figures!

This was my first experience with toddler toys. I was surprised to see how flimsy it was. It would fall over so easily on carpet or even hardwood. We ended up having to move it against the wall or chest to be able to prop it up.

One of my favorite parts about the playset was the pizza because who doesn’t love pizza? It included two chairs, a table which had a spinning pizza on top.

The horsey attached to one of the modular pieces but would fall out very easily. We weren’t too happy with the construction of it. I wasn’t sure what the other red piece was but told her it was a shopping cart. At this time, I explained to her the importance of always returning your cart. This was probably said to her twenty times but I’m sure she wasn’t paying attention to a single thing I said.

Emery’s favorite part was the elevator. She would place the figurines inside, get upset when they wouldn’t stand up straight, whine, complain, ask for help, then push the button to see the elevator go up, get mad when Peppa would fall over, and repeat all steps.

The playset came in three sections that connected. Connecting them was easy but it wouldn’t snap properly to where it’d hold well. If you pushed over one section, which she did a lot, all the sections would fall apart. As I mentioned earlier, it was a poorly designed piece that certainly wasn’t built to last.

But I suppose the biggest thing was Emery enjoyed it. I would find her moving the figures around the shopping center which was fun to watch. Even as I’m typing this, she would come grab my hand to come sit next to her and play with it which means this blog took an hour to write.

I wish the playset came with at least four figures so she had more characters to play with. I guess Amazon has a set that includes four but it cost $10 more. Would Emery recommend this to others? Probably. Me? I should have looked on Facebook Marketplace or eBay to see if there were used sets out there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s secretly kind of fun to play with.

So on that note, I’m off to buy all the used Peppa Pig toys I can find online.

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