An evening judging Festive ICT’s Margaritas & Mojitos event at Naftzger Park

What a beautiful night it was at Naftzger Park. It was Festive ICT’s second year throwing their Margaritas & Mojitos event which took place on Friday, July 23. I was joined by Lisa with Telehue Food and Ashley at ICT Broke Girls. We were tasked with trying out 13 different margaritas and mojitos to help decide the best ones in town.

Roughly 200 hundred people gathered at Naftzger Park for a fun-filled evening with drinks and appetizers. Some snacks I tried throughout the evening included ceviche tostadas from Los Compadres and a huge charcuterie board from Emerson Biggins.

While it was hot outside, there was a nice cool breeze throughout the night. It truly was a great night and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

For the judging, we had to rank each one on flavor, garnishes, balance, recipe, and overall impression. It was tough at times to decide, but in the end, I had my two favorites.

My vote for best margarita went to Emerson Biggins who had a mango margarita. My fellow judges agreed as they were voted the Best Margarita according to the judges. The People’s Choice for Best Margarita went to Los Compadres.

For the mojitos, my favorite was Wichita Brewing Company. This also won the Judges Best Mojitos.

The People’s Choice for Best Mojitos went to Jumbo’s Beef & Brew.

Big thanks for Festive ICT for having me out to judge. It was the perfect way to kick start my weekend. I would say I’m margarita and mojito’d out but I could actually go for more right now!

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