Family Fun Series: Axe To Grind

Axe To Grind

For the latest visit in the Family Fun Series, I brought the entire family and other loved ones to Axe To Grind. They are an axe throwing and social house business located near Intrust Bank Arena in the former Lou’s Charcuterie space. They opened in 2020 and have had quite the uphill battle to deal with in terms of the climate of last year. We wanted to stop by, check out the business, show them some love and help give readers another idea for fun family activities in town.

So, what is axe throwing?

Many axe throwing facilities around the country often look like an old warehouse with high ceilings, heavy-duty walls, chain link fencing surrounding targets and big wooden boards with bullseyes on them.

The beauty of axe throwing is how social of an entertainment option they can be. Think of them as bowling alleys but with axes. Everybody takes their turn to bowl, or in this case, toss an axe. There can be lots of social interaction and fun, friendly competition.

Once you begin playing, throwers take aim at the target and earn points depending on where their axes land. At Axe To Grind, you can get points associated with where your axe lands numerically. If you hit a bullseye, you get six points. There are also two blue dots near the top of the circles called “kill shots” that are worth eight points.

There are many games you can play such as a simple total points game, or Yahtzee where you have to be the first person to get a 1, 2, 3, 4 and bullseye. Or there’s even horse where you have to match the throw your opponent attempted.

We had seven of us out for some axe throwing and had a fantastic time. We played all sorts of different games, shared lots of laughs and enjoyed getting out of the house.

Axe Throwing is best for kids ages 10 and up. Sessions can be purchased in blocks of 90 minutes which we found to be the perfect amount of time. It took most people about 10-15 minutes to get the axe throwing down and getting the axe to stick to the board. Employees on hand were helpful every step of the way. When some of us were struggling, they were there to give tips and help us make proper adjustments. The tips worked as everybody had it down soon after.

If you have younger kids or others that do not want to participate, they had a little play area set up too. My daughter was able to do her own little axe throwing with some plastic axes.

How about food and drink? While they don’t have a food menu, they have limited snacks and allow you to bring in food. There’s also a bar with an incredible lineup of beers that include local options and a huge array of seltzers. Everyone was quite impressed with the selection they had.

Don’t worry though, you are limited and nobody was there getting really drunk while playing.

Axe To Grind could make for a nice pit stop before any Intrust Bank Arena event though.

As stated earlier, everyone loved it. I was concerned some kids may not enjoy it as much, but they ended up being the ones who probably had the most fun. I can see how this could be a fun team building event on top of a family outing.

The staff on hand was excellent to work with and very friendly. This was one of the more recent fun family series blogs that the entire family enjoyed as a whole.

Axe To Grind is located at 220 S Commerce St. For more information or to book your reservation, you can visit their webpage or Facebook.

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