Tight End Sports Bar & Grill will be rebranded to…

In 2019, Tight End Sports Bar & Grill arrived at 524 S. Seneca. The bar and grill came as part of a franchise based out of Texas. When they opened, it became quite the polarizing restaurant, mostly due to the revealing attire of their servers. This summer, the licensing agreement ended, and a new sign went up noting a new name was coming soon.

On August 27, the complete rebrand will take place. According to their Facebook, Clutch House will be their new name and it will be locally owned and no longer a franchise restaurant.

As noted on their Facebook post, the new brand will include a new company logo, new tagline and a change in the dress of all staff and the overall image of the establishment. The attire will be the most significant change and should appease the biggest detractors of Tight Ends. 

We are about a month away from the change and will be sure to report back and check it out. For more, be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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