First Look at Tacos Y Burritos La Guera

For a handful of years, Ricos Tacos El Torito operated two trucks on the north and south side of town. Earlier this year, new owners took over their south side truck and rebranded it. The new name is Tacos Y Burritos La Guera. They remained at the same location which is the northwest corner of Harry and Oliver where they park at the north end of the parking lot.

1547 S. Oliver (just to the north of A-OK Pawn Shop)
Wichita, KS 67218

Cash/Card Accepted

I wasn’t able to confirm their hours but I do know they are open on Friday and Saturday.

This is going to be a very brief first look as I just had dinner before stopping by and it was a spur of the moment decision to stop by. Their tacos were $2.49 each so I ordered three of them: an al pastor, tripa, and lengua. They were timely with the food and soon after I was in my car grubbing on the tacos.

Of the three meats, the lengua was by far the best. It was very tender and had a sweet aftertaste. I prefer my tripa tacos to be grilled and crispy and Tacos Y Burritos La Guera was more on the soft and chewy side. Not exactly my preference, but if you are into the softer tripa, this would be right up your alley. Meanwhile, the al pastor had the signature bright red-orange color to it along with a crispier texture compared to some other trucks. There was a nutty and smoky flavor to it.

With just three tacos, it wasn’t exactly enough for me to come to a final verdict on the food truck. I just wanted to get a first look and the word out on the truck for everyone. I’ll be revisiting this one again soon.

Here’s the menu:

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