Where to get Wichita’s Best Hamburgers

One of the popular questions around town is “Where do I get the best hamburgers in Wichita?”. I’ve had burgers all over the city and gave every one of them a fair shot. When going in and trying the food, I only took into account taste; nothing else was used to rank my list. Obviously, my word isn’t gospel but if you’re open to a good debate, here’s my pick for the city’s best burgers. Keep in mind, this list is strictly Wichita restaurants, not the surrounding area. …

Bomber Burger
4860 S. Clifton

Ty’s Diner
928 W. 2nd Street

Ty's Diner

Dempsey’s Burgers Pub
3700 E. Douglas

Buster’s Burger Joint
1202 E. MacArthur Road

Busters Burger Joint

Sport Burger
134 N. Hillside

Bill’s Charcoal Grill
2957 N. Arkansas

Bill's Charcoal Grill

Jumbo’s Beef & Brew
3750 N. Woodlawn

TJ’s Burger House
1003 W. Douglas Ave

Southeast Carryout
1520 S. Oliver

Southeast Carryout

3 Amigos
2317 N. Arkansas

The 3 Amigos

It was REALLY hard cutting down the many burgers in Wichita to just ten. I tried my best to focus on local burger options and various parts of town. Those are the ten I went with and those are the ten I’m sticking with.

What are your favorite burger in town? Drop a comment below!

Happy Dining

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29 thoughts on “Where to get Wichita’s Best Hamburgers”

    1. I think Burger Central is good too. My buddy wrote it off as he swore someone was shooting up in the parking lot. His loss.

  1. Dempsey’s and SE Carryout are my favorites. I’m curious, how do you eat that ginormous burger from Jumbo’s?

  2. When it’s good consistency is important. I’m disappointed when I am thrilled the first time, then let down on the next visit. Kinda like other things in life.

  3. I have been do Dempsy’s many times and they always way over cook my burger. I’ve been to Bomber Burger once and the place was disgustingly dirty but the burger was good. I meant to order a burger from O’Briens on east kellogg because my parents had gotten burgers there due to staying at the hotel behind them and said they were amazing, but accidentally ordered from O’Malley’s on W 31st. I was so surprised, the burger was amazing!

  4. How much some of these joints pay you to say their good? Bomber burger tastes awful and the owner and you should feel bad for saying they got good food.

  5. Bomber burger is the best in my opinion to bad bionic burger didn’t make your cut though that would be my second choice

  6. Your list is wholly incomplete. You failed to put Fizz Burgers and Bottles. An absolute travesty you have committed.

  7. My favorite is Fizz Bottles and Burgers at Rock and 37th north. I love the
    thick burgers and the thick cut fries are good too. I am surprised I never see it mentioned in any of these top burger lists.

  8. I’ve always heard Bomber Burger was good, unfortunately the time I tried it, the owner was disgustingly unsanitary. I walked in with a friend as a few others were leaving. We sat at the bar top and ordered burgers. The owner grabbed the partially eaten/ uneaten food off of the trays and put them in a “doggie bag”. Then proceeded to form Patty’s from raw meat without washing his hands. I was absolutely disgusted, to which he said “Any germs will cook off anyway”. We walked before trying it. His dirty appearance and terrible practices were enough to walk out after years of hearing how great it was.

  9. Laura Spears-Vargas

    I concur with James. The time I was there , the was a leak causing water to collect on the floor. Not just a dabble but pooling. In my opinion that caused a safety hazard. The owner did not wear gloves at all. A totally unsanitary environment! Cash only which leads me to ask what type of taxes does he pay? He doesn’t put any money back into the place nor any cleaning improvement. I went once, never again.

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