Our family’s favorite fast food French fries in Wichita

If it’s one thing we eat a lot of, it’s French fries. Without getting into specifics, let’s just say it’s sad how much we eat throughout the year. We are blaming it specifically on the benefit of the blog. We did a small case study to see which fast food spots in town offered our favorite French fries.

Throughout the year, we visited all the fast food restaurants in town and took it to a vote.

Three stood out as our favorites and worthy of revisiting multiple times. These are fries we could eat as is without the need for sauce. There were many fries that were better, mostly because of the condiments that accompanied them. We enjoy our fries right out of the bag as we are on the way home. After all, a good steak doesn’t need sauce. The same applies for fries. A truly good fry can be eaten as is. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best French fries in the Wichita fast food scene.


The regional fast food chain offers a thick and crispy French fry that is great. It’s typically the “go to” French fry post drinking (for the adults only, of course). There’s a nice coating of salt and hold up the best out of all are favorites. They rarely get soggy in the car ride home.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

The overwhelming favorite from the kids that also gets love from the adults is Freddy’s. Another Wichita original, they weren’t chosen because of the hometown love. There’s just lots of love because the shoestring fries are a big hit for all. They can be eaten one by one or in big handfuls. The fry sauce is great, but definitely not necessary. These fries are sometimes gone before the car even hits the driveway.


Rounding out the top three is the international fast food chain, McDonald’s. It’s a classic. When done right, which sometimes can be an issue, it’s near French fry perfection. I’m talking fresh out of the fryer and loaded with tons of salt. Even better is a large is 99-cents through the McDonald’s app.


If it was just my opinion without my family, Five Guys and Arby’s would be in the consideration or at least in the top five.

If you had a top three, which restaurants would appear on your list? Chime in below.

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