DashMart – A new type of convenience store potentially heading to Wichita

In recent years, food delivery services and the usage of them have picked up immensely. During COVID-19, many restaurants used the services as an additional lifeline for their business. Now, the evolution of the delivery services could be taking another turn in Wichita.

One of the leaders in the delivery industry is DoorDash. Last year, they launched a convenience category called DashMart. It’s a new type of convenience store that brings household essentials to customers doors. Ordering is similar to DoorDash, and DashMart’s convenience category includes more than 2,500 convenience shops across more than 1,100 cities nationwide.

I have it on good authority that DashMart will soon be available in Wichita.

As mentioned earlier, DashMart is a new type of convenience store, offering household essentials to customers’ doorsteps. On their platform which could be rolling out within the next few months, you’ll find thousands of convenience, grocery, and restaurant items, from ice cream and chips, to cough medicine and dog food, to spice rubs and packaged desserts from the local restaurants. Many of these goods can be delivered to your house in 30 minutes or less.

DashMart says, it’s an entirely new channel for local businesses to reach customers online, transforming how their  merchant partners can sell their retail products. Currently, the DashMart convenience stores are available in major cities like Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and others.

Stay tuned for more!

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