First Look at Hiro Hibachi & Sushi in Haysville

Have you ever been to Ori Hibachi in El Dorado? If so, I have some good news for you. If not, then I still have good news for you as well. Owners of the food truck in El Dorado have recently opened a new restaurant called Hiro Hibachi & Sushi in Haysville. It’s located in the original Easy Egg Breakfast & Lunch space at 240 N Main. Easy Egg vacated the space to open in west Wichita which made room for Haysville to get a new sushi restaurant.

240 N Main STE 300, Haysville, Kansas 67060

Sunday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Inside, there was plenty of seating to go around. I stopped by during the opening week, so there wasn’t much decor up at the moment.

My family wanted the Maki Roll Combo with a Boston Roll and Philadelphia Roll. I asked the staff at Hiro what to get and they recommended the Super Crazy Tuna roll and Pink Lady, both of which were some of their spicier options.

I missed a picture of the salad, but it may have been one of the best salads we’ve had from a Japanese restaurant. Not so much because of the garden salad itself, as it was fairly basic, but the dressing was incredibly flavorful. It was like a ginger dressing and something you have to try.

As for the sushi, both the specialty rolls were fantastic. Each of them boasted an incredible amount of heat that wasn’t overpowering but complimented the fish well. The Boston and Philadelphia rolls were a little on the lackluster side, but it’s also I typically refrain from ordering because I really believe specialty rolls are always the best way to go. Best of all, the sushi rolls sizes were big enough that 1-2 rolls could satisfy most appetites.

I know most people may ask how it compares to restaurants in Wichita. At this moment, I wouldn’t put it up there with my favorites in town. It’d be an injustice to my favorites to automatically put them towards the top after one visit. The specialty rolls were great, but with sushi, it’s going to take multiple visits for me to push them into the upper echelon. With a full hibachi menu, I’ll need to go back though to check that out as well.

Lastly, the staff there was phenomenal. They were inquisitive, asking people who came in how they heard about Hiro. Most people said Wichita which made them even more appreciative that they made the drive into Haysville to try them; super friendly folks that gave me more motivation to revisit them sooner.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining

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