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A new beauty salon has opened in one of my favorite areas of town, Clifton Square in College Hill. We have places to grab pizza, burgers, ice cream, and now get some personal care done. Blush Beauty Room opened within the past couple months and is located at 3700 E Douglas immediately south of Ziggy’s Pizza.

Blush Beauty Room was started by young local business professionals looking to offer professional, cutting-edge services from skincare, hair to nails in a fun and friendly environment. They offer a range of high-end services and products to offer a wide range of clientele.

After looking at their website, they offer a range of different services including hair, facials, brows, waxing, lashes, microchanneling and free consultations.

While those are services I have never received from a beauty salon, I did join Megan one afternoon at Blush Beauty Room. She dropped in to get a Dermaplane Facial. I had no idea, so I had to look it up.

This manual exfoliation treatment is performed to exfoliate, smooth, and revitalize the skin. Using a surgical blade, we remove the dull, damaged and dead cells that make up the top layer of your skin. Exfoliating the top layer of skin cells triggers the natural regeneration of new skin cells, leading to a luminous, healthy glow. Includes a customized mask for your skin care goal and concerns, face, neck and shoulder massage, treatment products and SPF.

Facials and things of that sort are beauty services I’ve never had. Pedicures are about as far as I go. But after Megan’s visit, she enjoyed it so much she encouraged me to get one as well, which is on my calendar to do soon.

I feel as though I’ve been inside every building inside Clifton Square except Blush. There was a quaintness and charm inside the beauty salon. As you can imagine, the structure was similar to most other buildings of the shopping center. They did really spruce up the inside to give it a more salon feel. The work was done by a local interior stylist, Ally Schultz.

Currently, there are two people at Blush Beauty Room. Lish Beilin who is an extension and blonding specialist. Then there is the owner, Amy Felts who is also the esthetician. Felts did let us know on the visit that she will soon have more staff on hand in the very near future.

The new beauty salon is at 3700 E Douglas. Services can be booked from their website.

And if you’d like to see their work, you can visit their Facebook or Instagram page.

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