Is there really a Fuddruckers coming to Wichita?

Roughly 15 years ago, it was reported that the national burger chain Fuddruckers was coming to Wichita with plans of six locations. As well all know, that fell through.

Now, some social media sites claiming to be a Wichita Fuddruckers have popped up. At first, the original address listed for the location was 111 S. Rock Road, which is where B.D.’s Mongolian Grill is. After speaking with owners, that B.D.’s is still open with no plans of closing.

Then the address changed to 353 S. Rock Road where a new restaurant called Hook & Reel Cajun Seafood Restaurant is already planning to open.

A website was even created on the free web design tool called Wix that has some low-resolution pictures loaded on.

Nobody I’ve spoken with has heard news of the burger chain coming to Wichita. At the moment, I’m not buying into a Fuddruckers coming to town, at least not yet. Until I see a confirmation from some of the bigger media in town, I’ll sit back and wait for the Whataburger to make it to Wichita.

All of this makes me want to create some fake Cheesecake Factory websites and social media pages to create even more hoopla.

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