What’s the verdict on Arby’s new Rib Sandwich and Chicken Nuggets?

While restaurants have been putting out new chicken nuggets and others getting ready to re-release popular items like the McRib, Arby’s is making sure not to get left out of the fold.

Recently, they released their new premium chicken nuggets and on Monday, Oct. 4, they go nationwide with the Real Country Style Rib Sandwich.

Let’s start off with the nuggets. With chicken tenders already on the menu, it only made sense to add nuggets. They are advertised as 100% chicken breast and now part of their “2 for $6” promotion. I went ahead and purchased a 9-piece nugget for me and my daughter.

After pouring the nuggets out, they were not uniform. They came in varying sizes, shapes and appearances.

Each nugget, had a thick, crispy layer of breading, but underneath was the advertised 100% chicken breast. It’s worth noting, the bigger nuggets had less breading while the smaller pieces had much more on it.

For the most part, the chicken nuggets were good-size and larger than much of the competition.

Taste-wise, there wasn’t much to it; no seasoning or anything added on. They were, for the most part, bland. The best part was that the nuggets were filling and I found myself getting full after around six of them. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything special to it. In the end, I ended up drowning each nugget in their spicy three pepper sauce which is my favorite of the Arby’s sauces. Once I started using the sauces, it was a much more enjoyable experience.

Then there’s the Real Country Style Rib Sandwich. It goes live on Monday, Oct. 4 and available at $5.99 for the sandwich or $8.79 for the meal. It’s likely a shot at the McDonald’s McRib that goes nationwide on Nov. 1.

Arby’s sourced the ribs from the East Texas smokehouse Sadler’s. In contrast to the McRib, Arby’s says it’s using real ribs. The sandwich features that meat topped with melted Gouda, crispy onions, BBQ sauce, and mayo on a toasted bun.

The rib sandwich was a million times better than the chicken nuggets. While I wouldn’t compare it to a McRib, I did enjoy the rib sandwich. It’s not as good as a locally made rib sandwich that you can find around town. But as far as fast food sandwiches go, the meat was decently tender with the mayo, melted Gouda and BBQ sauce adding a lot more pizzazz to the sandwich. The toasted bun was also a nice addition that held everything together well.

After finishing it, I sat there and thought to myself, “Hey, that was a pretty good sandwich.” I really have no complaints about it. Rib sandwiches aren’t something I often order, so I’m not certain if I’d go out of my way to get one again. But if I ever find myself at Arby’s again, it’d be something I’d strongly consider.

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12 thoughts on “What’s the verdict on Arby’s new Rib Sandwich and Chicken Nuggets?”

  1. The trouble with most nuggets that they don’t have any taste and the changes that I do enjoy are from Popeye, but in reality the expenses ridiculous over nine bucks for a combo. I can buy an entire chicken from my local public supermarket for less money

  2. My Rib sandwich was NOT made to order ( I ordered no mayo, no gouda but got it WITH gouda) there were “crumbs” of crispy onions but not enough to taste. The meat was “lukewarm”. Very dissapointed!

    1. Agreed! I think the original McRib might have actually been shredded pork shaped into “ribs,” but the one my husband had the other day looked to be ground pork (smelled like it, anyway) and then BREADED and fried. Sauce was good, but he couldn’t finish eating the sandwich. I took a bite and that was the last one for me! Ugh.

  3. Big chunks of real meat. Good smoky flavor, but meat was . dry for me. Maybe under heat lamps too long.
    Mc DS. Better in my opinion.

  4. Completely agree with David Pettit’s assessment; I experienced the exact same and agree that McD’s rib sandwich is better. (Plus the cost of Arby’s sandwich is outrageous!)

  5. I thought the sandwich was good and next I want to try the cheesesteak rib sandwich at Arby’s. I have never tried the McDonald’s McRib yet.

  6. Eating Arby’s for the first time and it was the rib sandwich I think it was really good and my sister enjoyed it as well. I have not had McDonald’s McRib but don’t care to try it because McDonald’s is not as good it has been.

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