As of today, the Union Station kiosks are all empty. The latest closing was Sweet House, who specialized in a Hong Kong treat called bubble waffles. They opened earlier this summer and exploded on to the dessert scene with long lines. There were many days they had to close early because they sold out.

I was able to confirm with owners that they indeed closed; not sure what the future holds for it and if there will ever be a return.

I’ll definitely miss the bubble waffles. If you never had one, they are also referred to as egg waffles are a spherical egg-based waffle popular in Hong Kong. They consist of an eggy leavened batter cooked between two plates of semi-spherical cells. They are typically served hot and topped with different fruits and flavors.

Who knows what the future holds for the Union Station kiosks. With summer officially over, it’ll be interesting to see if someone else decides to take one of the spots with the seasonality of the location.

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