The Best Elote in Wichita is at Jimenez Tacos

There are lots of places to get elote in Wichita. There are also different ways the Mexican street corn served. Some restaurants in food trucks serve in a cup with buckets of mayo, cheese, and top them with hot Cheetos. Then there are places that serve it on the cob. It’s the classic way of enjoying corn. Probably, the most popular one in town is from the Elote Man who can be seen serving elote from his bicycle near 21st and Waco.

I’m partial to corn on the cob and I firmly believe the best one in town can be found at Jimenez Tacos. It’s an awesome little restaurant that sits at the northwest corner of Roosevelt and Ross Parkway. There’s not much signage so be on the lookout for a “Tacos” sign with an arrow on it or look for a parking lot with a ton of cars.

2787 S Roosevelt St., Wichita, KS 67210

Thursday – Sunday: 5pm – 10pm
Closed Monday through Wednesday

Cash/Card Accepted

Jimenez Tacos is a classic traditional Mexican restaurant that serves tacos, quesadillas and burritos. All the food is fresh, made to order and made right in front of you.

It’s a place I discovered last year and it shot up my list of favorite spots to eat. So good, I don’t ever mind going out of my way at any time of day to get their food.

Unlike the Elote Man or many other offerings in town, theirs is grilled right on the spot. Most other places are pre-cooked, kept warm and served later. At Jimenez Tacos, it’s literally made-to-order.

Once the corn on the cob is grilled, it’s coated in mayonnaise, cheese, Parmesan, Tajin, and then Valentino sauce if you want some heat. They’ll put as much of anything as you want. Here are two different times, I stopped by for it.

My personal preference is to load it up with all the mayo, cheese and Valentino sauce. That way, you’re getting the combination of sweet, salty, and spicy in every bite.

I’ve said it before, but I truly admire the whole family at Jimenez Tacos. It’s a family-owned restaurant where it’s all hands on deck. The family is there, working as a team to ensure they’re putting out a quality product with friendly service. While it’s off the beaten path for most of Wichita, I’ll be sure to continue championing Jimenez Tacos as one of the best places in town. Do yourself a favor and try them out. If not for the elote, then the tacos, quesadillas or burritos.

Jimenez Tacos

Here’s the menu:

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