Trader Joe’s offering free fresh pizza dough on December 1

It’s called Give Thanks For Pizza and if you want to participate, then mark your calendar for December 1. Trader Joe’s will be giving away fresh pizza dough for free per transaction. This is good for the first 500 customers. On that day, they will also have recipes to hand out along with plenty of toppings to grab to go on your pizza. The pizza dough can also be used many other ways and they’ll have recipes for that as well.

We stopped by Trader Joe’s at 1800 N. Rock Road over the weekend to try out the pizza dough and have a family fun night with a “make your own” pizza theme.

Our first step was picking out the pizza dough. They had two doughs to choose from; a plain dough and a garlic & herb. We grabbed each one.

Right by the dough was the wall of cheese. This was a no-brainer as what pizza doesn’t have cheese? We went with the shredded mozzarella, mozzarella cheese log, and quattro formaggi which means “four cheese” in Italian. But hey, quattro formaggi makes me sound fancier so we are going with that.

I firmly believe the heart and soul of pizza is the cheese and sauces. We chose three different sauces for our pizza: Trader Joe’s house pizza sauce, mushroom & truffle pesto and the Trader Giotto’s Bruschetta.

We then made it over to the refrigerated section to pick up meats and veggies for our pizza. For our meats, we grabbed the uncured pancetta, pepperoni, salami and bacon.

After checking out, we made our way home to start our Family Fun Night: Make Your Own Pizza theme.

One bag of pizza dough was good for roughly one large pizza or three personal pizzas around 9 inches long. The kids kept it simple and went with a large pepperoni pizza covered edge to edge with layers of pepperoni. We put it in the smoker and it took around 25 minutes to complete.

The adults went with a few 9” pizzas. We did a mix of pizzas using the various sauces and made three different options. These took anywhere from 10-15 minutes in the smoker.

They all turned out fantastic. If you intend to smoke them and want a crispier crust, I’d advise against using a pan underneath. We don’t have a pizza peel yet but will be in the market for one soon.

Our favorite of all the pizzas was the last picture see where we used the Trader Giotto’s Bruschetta and mixed in some salami and pepperoni. The sauce was so delicious and gave the pizza a zesty blast.

All in all, everyone had lots of fun. It was a good way to get everyone together and enjoy some time in the kitchen, which is a rarity for us. Plus, it gave me another reason to use the smoker.

If you want in on this wonderful deal, be sure to stop by Trader Joe’s on December 1 and get your free pizza dough.

Remember, they are located at Bradley Fair, 1800 N. Rock Road.

Happy Dining,

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