Wichita’s oldest Knolla’s Pizza location has closed its doors

The oldest of the four Knolla’s Pizza locations has closed its doors as of Monday. The news was confirmed by Darinda Knolla, daughter of Knolla’s founder Pat Knolla.

It’s unfortunate news for the location that started it all for Wichita at 13th and West Street.

Knolla cited the inability to find any more staff, an issue that has plagued the industry all year long.

The silver lining is that doesn’t spell the end for Knolla’s Pizza as you can still get your fill at one of their four remaining locations at 111 W Douglas Ave (Downtown), 7343 W Central Ave (West), 7732 E Central Ave (East Wichita), and 4041 N Maize Rd (Maize).

For more information or to place an order, you can visit their website.

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4 thoughts on “Wichita’s oldest Knolla’s Pizza location has closed its doors”

  1. All of the Knolla’s pizza locations should be closed down because Ms. Knolla is a horrible business owner who allows her son Nick and another little boy run the East Central location so poorly that my husband and I will never eat there again because the customer service is so horrible that it is non-existent. Then I left her multiple messages regarding her staff only to be ignored by her. I hope all of her restaurants close down.

  2. I feel like the pizza was great! I mean, yeah, the service wasn’t the best but at least the wait was worth it. Such a shame they closed down. 🙁

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