First Look at Tacos La Catrina and their advertised “Tacos to die for”

Tacos La Catrina

In recent years, it’s been a short-lived Marina’s Mexican Seafood and before that a Sorrel’s Jamaican Food who’s over at 3802 E. Harry now. The latest restaurant to open at the 3090 W. 13th street space is Tacos La Catrina. There’s another restaurant in Wichita called Las Catrinas, but they are not related at all.

This one is separately owned and an entirely different restaurant. Let’s take a look.

3090 W 13th St., Wichita, KS 67203

Wednesday to Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday – Sunday: 8am – 8pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Cash/Card Accepted

The owners did a fantastic job of sprucing the space up. Before they took over, it was a tight fit inside and just not as inviting. The renovations gave it a brighter, open feel that I liked.

Tacos La Catrina specializes in tacos, but not just any tacos. Their claim as advertised on their signage says, “Tacos to die for”. Those are some lofty expectations. I tend to be a bigger fan of set expectations low and over deliver, at least that’s how I’ve been in my relationships, friendships and every aspect of life. But if you have the confidence and believe in your product, why not?

For my visit, I went with a vampiro with birria and then a mixture of carne asada, cabeza and pastor tacos. I added a cup of consume to sip on as well. Here’s a glimpse of some of the food I had.

Tacos La Catrina

The chips were complimentary and came with three tasty sauces of varying heat levels. It was a nice start to the meal.

Of all the food I had, my favorite was easily the cabeza. It’s probably not everybody’s go-to protein, considering it consists of a cooked head of a cow. It tasted like beef, very flavorful and had a good level of fat in it. Not only that, but it’s probably one of the softest meats to choose from and when done right, it’s excellent. Tacos La Catrina did a wonderful job.

I loved the shredded and diced up ways they put the meats in the tacos. It ensured every bite had some meat in it. I enjoyed the al pastor and carne asada. They were both good in their own right. Personally, to call them “tacos to die for” is a hard sell to deliver on. But all that aside, I really did like what I had including the vampiro which was like a tostada with cheese and birria.

To help matters, the staff there was so nice and appreciative. They were quick to check up on customers to see how they were doing and asked questions to make sure people were happy with the food.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the location. Can it last there? The food on my first visit was good enough, I’d go back again soon. The problem is the building has been a tough sell, so I wish them the best.

Here’s their menu:

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