Does Kwik Shop have the best fried chicken in town? Let’s find out.

The Kwik Shop at the northwest corner of 47th and Seneca has made a bold claim with their latest signage. The gas station, which no longer has an affiliation with Dillons, says they have “the best fried chicken in town!”

With such a claim, I just had to give it a try. While there, I was able to confirm that the fried chicken was their own recipe and no longer supplied by Dillons. 

There were no employees in the kitchen during my visit, but they did have many containers of refrigerated and ready-to-heat fried chicken priced at $10.99 for an 8-piece.

When I arrived home, I put some in the air fryer to bring and gave it a taste test.

The employees could be just pulling my tail, but there was a slight difference in flavor. It also could have been because it wasn’t as fresh and refrigerated, but the chicken was not as moist and tender. The skin was extra crispy… extra extra extra extra extra crispy.

Dillons fried chicken is decent and makes for a cheap, convenient above-average dinner. Kwik Shop’s just wasn’t as good. I knocked out four pieces before putting the rest in the fridge and hoping one of the kids would finish it off.

Best fried chicken in town? I don’t think so, but somebody out there certainly believes that’s the case. Maybe you will too…..

Here’s the menu:

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