Wichita Car Wash Series: Club Car Wash

The first part of our Car Wash series had a decent response, and something that totally slipped my mind as the months went on. I’ve been swamped with requests for reviews, but one came in to ask for a car wash review. Whether I receive one request for a car wash review or 100 requests for a particular restaurant, each request is equally important. So let’s get the car washed again and head out to Club Car Wash, who has exploded in Wichita with five locations and more on the way.

For this review, we took two different visits to their location outside Towne East Square near Douglas and Rock Road.

It goes without saying, this location was packed. The V.I.P. lane moved quickly, but I’m not a very important person so I waited my turn in the R.B.P. lane…. regular boring people.

I had just taken my car on a few small-town road trips, so I needed a good washing. I told the attendance I had quite a few bugs and she recommended me the Elite Wash which came with free bug prep. Their menu featured five types of car wash choices, with different options available in each one. I wasn’t sure what was what, as the icons looked like a videogame power-up guide. I simply took the advice of the attendant and paid my fee.

Next up, I took my car into the tunnel and let the team spray it down with whatever magic sauce they were using, put the car in neutral and let the automated car wash take it from there.

After that, it was off to the free self-serve vacuum area for customers. Unlike the competition, Club Car Wash also offered free towels and spray. This came in handy as they didn’t quite get all the bugs from the front of my car.

As for the vacuums, they were much stronger than the others we’ve been to around town. This came in handy as our youngest likes to create her own junkyard surrounding her car seat. The vacuums did an excellent job at getting the food, debris, hair, and whatever fossils our child left behind.

So, what were our overall impressions of Club Car Wash?

Between the two of us, we had differing opinions. I don’t think they did a good a job of cleaning the exterior for the package I purchased. There were still lots of bugs and dirt surrounding my car, which is why they may have offered the free towels and spray. The vacuums were a huge plus and possibly the best in town, at least at that particular location.

Megan, on the other hand, had a much better experience. She purchased a lower end car wash and it did the job. The staff there even offered her some sort of wheel cleaning at no charge. She had such a great experience there, she returned there and that’s become her car wash of choice.

So just like food, it comes down to different strokes for different folks. What car wash to review next?

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