First Look at Wichita’s newest boba shop, Feng Cha

Feng Cha

I just might be the last person to finally step foot inside the new sleek boba tea shop in Wichita, Feng Cha. The chain, which originated in China has made its way to the states recently, made a big splash with big lines during the start of the soft opening. After seeing lines wrapped around the building, I decided to hold off a few days to finally drop in.

8007 E Kellogg Dr., Wichita, KS 67207

Open Daily: Noon – 7pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Feng Cha is located in Eastgate Place which has seen a rejuvenation of sorts, thanks in part to the addition of Aldi over the past year.

Upon walking inside, everything had a very bright, modern look. It was as if I was in the Apple store of boba tea shops.

Feng Cha

Feng Cha

Feng Cha

I had absolutely no idea what to get, but noticed that something on the menu said tiramisu. It was a tiramisu milk foam. He suggested that I top it with a green tea; I shrugged my shoulder and said “sure”. Another customer ordered a dirty boba, which the same gentleman said was the most popular drink on the menu. FOMO hit, and I figured why not get two drinks in one visit?

One of the nice parts about Feng Cha is the ability to really customize your drink. You can choose the ice level, sweetness level and of course add all sorts of different toppings. I was so indifferent on customizing that I asked them to surprise me with whatever regarding the sweetness and ice level.

Feng Cha

While the dirty boba, a creme brulee flavored drink, was the most popular, I was very enamored with my tea topped with a tiramisu milk foam. I thoroughly enjoyed my dirty boba but on a future visit, may have to lower the sweetness level. The tea though was pure perfection for my taste buds and I about chugged it all within minutes.

The staff was on top of things and drinks came out quickly. Fortunately, I came at probably the least busy time as moments after I received my drinks, a line started to form.

If you’re looking to try their desserts, you’ll have to wait, as those won’t be ready for another month.

For more, here’s a video look inside Feng Cha courtesy of our TikTok page, come give us a follow!

@wichitabyeb Feng Cha has finally opened in Wichita, KS!!! #boba #bobatea #fyp #tea ♬ Happy Vibes – GNL

Here’s the menu:

Feng Cha

Feng Cha

Feng Cha

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