I decided to go ahead and try the McDonald’s Menu Hacks

McDonald's Menu Hacks

Recently, my social media was swarmed with advertisements for the new McDonald’s Menu Hacks that were made available at the end of January. Looking at the pictures, the menu hacks were made by combining such popular items like the Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish.

From the advertisements, it looked like they are available for a limited time. I won’t lie, I enjoy a Bic Mac every now and then along with a Filet-O-Fish, especially during Lent.

After looking at the pictures, I decided to go in and order the Land, Air & Sea that combined three different sandwiches. I didn’t read anything else about the menu hacks, so I had no idea what to expect. The sandwich looked large, but I was ready. It was roughly $10 for the sandwich and soon I was home ready to dig in.

This is what came out of the bag. It was a literal “WTF” moment for me.

And it was also my fault for not looking into the menu hacks more. It looked as though, all the menu hack creations were ideas of what you could do and build yourself.

I apologize for my laziness, but the only manual labor I do when it comes to fast food is dipping fries or nuggets into a condiment. Feeding myself is already stretching it. I wasn’t about to put more work and create a whole new sandwich with three sandwiches given to me. If I want to build something, I’ll go play MagnaTiles with my daughter.

Instead of putting together the Land, Air and Sea sandwich, I ate the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish at the same time and mixed those flavors in my mouth and gave the McChicken to a family member. Both satisfying sandwiches in my opinion for fast food. If you decide to order the menu hacks, learn from me and be ready to build it yourself.

Happy Dining,

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